A Mother’s Final Act of Love

When Jane’s mother finally lost her battle with cancer after months of decline, Jane was heartbroken. As her mother’s primary caregiver and closest friend, she had been by her side each step of the way. Jane tenderly held her hand in her final moments.

In contrast, Jane’s brother and aunts only seemed to appear when they needed something. One aunt even had the audacity to ask Jane’s mom to help her find a new house using her real estate connections while she was actively dying.

After the funeral, the family gathered to hear the reading of the will. Jane sipped weak tea from a chipped cup, grief still raw. She expected that there would at least be something left for her given her devotion in her mom’s last months.

But when the lawyer revealed that her mom’s entire $5 million estate would be split between Jane’s brother and aunts, she choked. As they poorly suppressed grins, hot tears spilled down Jane’s cheeks. Mascara drops stained her skirt as she wondered if she had somehow failed her mom.


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