An Unexpected Opportunity: Turning a Stranger’s Life Around, One Meal at a Time

It was just another day at my restaurant when a stranger walked in, asking for some money. I regarded him with a mix of curiosity and caution, and couldn’t resist asking, ‘Why don’t you have a job? You seem strong and healthy, and as they say, nothing in life is free… right?’

His response was far from ordinary, revealing a life story that I hadn’t anticipated. ‘I have a lot of felonies,’ he confided, ‘and nobody wants to hire me because of that. I had to turn to the streets, resorting to theft and robbery just to survive.’

As our conversation unfolded, I began to see the man before me in a different light. It became evident that there was much more to his situation than met the eye. That day, my restaurant was short-staffed, and fate seemed to have a role in what happened next. I decided to ask him, ‘Would you like to work?’

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