Compassion Knows No Boundaries: A Tale of Helping a Stranger in Need

Just last week, something happened that made me think deeply about how we treat each other. I was driving home when I saw a terrible accident. A car had hit a motorcycle, and the rider was thrown 25 feet into a ditch. It was a shocking and scary sight.

I immediately called 911 and stopped to help. I climbed down into the ditch to stay with the injured rider until the ambulance arrived. He wasn’t moving, and I was really worried.

Luckily, a person with medical knowledge happened to pass by and stopped to assist us while we waited for help. I stayed with the injured man, whose name turned out to be Joe, and talked to him to keep him awake and calm. He told me about his wife, made some jokes about his motorcycle, and even asked me to take photos so he could remember the experience.

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