Miraculous Survival: Ryker Webb’s Extraordinary Journey

Ryker Webb’s incredible survival story is quite unique, especially when we consider cases of missing children, which often have sad endings. On June 7, 2022, a tired and frightened Ryker, who had just been rescued from the Montana mountains, became an internet sensation.

This 3-year-old boy had gone missing on a Friday afternoon in June while playing with his dad and their dog in their backyard in Troy, Northwest Montana. When his dad briefly went inside, little Ryker wandered off the path and disappeared.

His family initially searched for him, along with their neighbors. But it took two hours before they alerted the police, who then launched a massive search effort. They deployed 50 searchers on the ground, used dog teams, helicopters, drones, and all-terrain vehicles. They even sent out a code red alert to nearby residents, asking for their help in searching their properties.

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