Navigating Rudeness at the Dealership: A Tale of Wit and Closing Deals

What’s the perfect response when faced with rudeness? Here’s a recent encounter at a car dealership that might provide some inspiration.

My wife and I dropped her car off for service at the dealership and decided to browse around while waiting. A keen young salesman approached us, offering to show us their latest models. Politely, I explained that we were just there for service.

Soon enough, he summoned the “closer,” a seasoned gentleman who’d clearly been in the business for a while. The pitch began, with him trying to figure out how to get us into a new vehicle. I held my ground, emphasizing that we weren’t in the market and I usually take my time researching before making a purchase. To seal the deal today, he’d practically have to give the car away, and any offer I made might come off as insulting.

Despite my reluctance, I let him pull my credit, a move that should have highlighted my success in financial services sales. Little did I expect the rudeness that followed.

He persisted, demanding an offer. Finally, I threw out a figure that was probably half of the car’s actual value, ready to seal the deal at that price. Oddly, he took offense.

In an astonishing display of unprofessionalism, he leaned over me (with my wife still sitting beside me) and uttered, “At some point in your life, you’re going to have to become man enough to make a decision.”

Without missing a beat, I shot back, “It’s not my manhood in question here; I’m not the one who can’t close this deal.”

The stunned look on his face was fleeting as he turned to walk away, leaving me to ponder the art of handling rudeness with a well-timed retort.


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