Perception and Truth – A Lesson from the Beasts

An eager donkey crossed paths with a tiger while wandering through a vibrant green field. “My friend, look how blue all this lovely grass is today!” the donkey exclaimed.

The tiger surveyed the meadow, chuckling at the obvious error. “You must be colorblind, my equine companion. This fresh spring grass glows bright green as emeralds, clear for all to see.”

Greatly offended by the differing observation, the passionate donkey became incensed. “Surely you jest! Any fool can plainly see these fields bursting with blue shoots under the golden sun.” He stomped his hooves, demanding the tiger retract his ridiculous claim.

Yet the tiger would not indulge the donkey’s delusion, calmly repeating basic truth requiring no debate. The disagreement quickly turned hostile, both creatures becoming aggravated.

“If you will not admit what I see with my own eyes, you leave me no choice but to take this dispute before the Lion King himself,” the donkey declared. “He possesses the ultimate wisdom and impartiality to settle our conflict once and for all!”


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