A man goes to confession and begins, “Forgive me father for I have sinned.” The priest offers him the opportunity to confess, to which the man admits using the “F-word” over the weekend. The priest advises him to say three Hail Marys and be mindful of his language.

But the man insists on confessing the reason behind his profanity. He recounts playing golf on Sunday instead of attending church. The priest, somewhat exasperated, prompts him to continue.

The man explains that he swore not because of missing church but because of a golfing mishap – a poorly aimed drive on the first tee. Despite interruptions, he clarifies that his frustration peaked when a squirrel seized his golf ball and fled up a tree.

The priest assumes this was the trigger, yet the man narrates a bizarre turn of events involving an eagle rescuing the squirrel and dropping the ball near the hole. The priest, on edge, asks if he missed the putt, to which the man’s response concludes the humorous exchange.

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