When Acts of Kindness Defy Expectations: A Tale of Generosity

One day, a radio station received a call from a very poor woman, who was reaching out and asking for help from God. This heartfelt plea was heard by not just believers but also by a non-believer who happened to be tuning into the radio program at that moment. However, this non-believer had a different reaction in mind. Instead of empathizing with the woman’s plight, he chose to make fun of her situation.

Taking it a step further, the non-believer decided to identify the woman’s address through the radio station. He then instructed his secretary to prepare a substantial amount of foodstuff to be delivered to the woman. However, his intentions took a peculiar turn. He told his secretary to convey a rather unusual message along with the food delivery. The message was simple yet puzzling: ‘When the woman asks who sent the food, tell her that it’s from the devil.’

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