Woman Finally Cuts Off 4 Feet of Hair After Letting It Grow for 25 Years

After going an astonishing 25 years without a single trim, Rosa Ramirez had finally had enough of her raven-colored rapunzel locks. Her hair had grown well past 1.5 meters, becoming so inconveniently long that she occasionally tripped over the ends.

Over two decades, Rosa’s husband pleadingly urged her to chop off some length, but his practical requests fell on stubbornly deaf ears. Rosa took immense pride in achieving such extraordinary hair length few could rival. However, after a quarter century of growth, annoyance, maintenance, and patience, Rosa felt unexpectedly ready to dramatically part with her nearly 4-foot cascade at long last.

Rosa marched into the hair salon with resolve, friends in tow for moral support. As the scissors sliced through hair that protected her back for years like a cape, she watched over three feet of inky bundles collect on the floor. In minutes, the task was complete – Rosa walked out with a blunt bob swinging right above her shoulders, suddenly weightless.


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