4th Grader Destroys Common Core, Points Out Flaw To School Board And Shocks Everyone

Sydney Smoot may look like an average fourth-grade girl, but her bold stance against Common Core has earned her a standing ovation from adults three times her age. Every now and then, our children amaze us with unconventional wisdom, attributing it to their unique perspective on the world. However, witnessing a child exude such maturity and boldness in challenging unjust policies is truly rare.

Sydney Smoot of Florida’s Brookville Elementary gained nationwide attention for her courageous question to her school board. Despite her small stature, her articulate speech and clever question silenced the entire auditorium. Representing her classmates, Sydney exposed the impact of standardized testing mandated by Common Core.

She boldly questioned why students are forced to take tests that haven’t been tested on Florida students, challenging the validity and accuracy of the assessments. Her question earned her a standing ovation and left the school board in awe of her eloquence.

Sydney didn’t just complain; she offered a solution, suggesting the tests be divided into smaller ones to gauge students’ progress throughout the year. She reminded the board that while students attend school to learn, they are still children who deserve a stress-free learning environment.

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