7 Hotel Staff Reveal the Most Shocking Discoveries They Made at Their Workplace

Picture stepping into a realm of the bizarre and uncanny as part of your everyday work routine. That’s the reality for hotel employees who have encountered the most shocking and revolting sights within their workplace. When some of these workers took to Reddit to share their peculiar experiences, they held nothing back. From the peculiar to the downright startling, prepare to be amazed by what they uncovered. Comments have been lightly edited for clarity and grammar.

The Toilet Surprise
User u/Letsbeguin recounts a summer spent cleaning rooms when they stumbled upon an unsettling sight. While tidying up a vacated room, they discovered rolled-up towels on the floor, which wasn’t unusual. However, upon closer inspection, they found a pile of feces hidden beneath. To their horror, the shower curtain revealed even more fecal matter mixed with urine. Strangely, the toilet appeared unused. The stench overwhelmed them, prompting them to bid farewell to their job that day.

The Pizza Mystery
Shared by u/aNathan113, the discovery of an entire pizza in a guest’s room left hotel staff bewildered. Not only were there no leftovers, but slices were found in bizarre places throughout the room. From smeared pizza on the TV to slices stashed in unconventional spots like the dresser and bathroom sink, the scene was surreal. The final slice, hidden inside a lampshade, completed the peculiar puzzle.

The Unwanted Guest
In a tale recounted by u/MerylSquirrel, a couple staying at a guesthouse unleashed chaos when they released a live mouse at the reception desk. Claiming their stay was plagued by rodents, they demanded a refund. However, upon investigation, it was revealed that they had purchased the mouse themselves. Exposed, they left empty-handed, never to return.

The Burglary Scheme
Described by u/serenityvoiid, a seemingly normal guest check-in took a sinister turn when a couple with excessive luggage turned out to be thieves. Their room was stripped of valuables, including the windows, prompting swift termination for the hotel staff.

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