Africa is Splitting into Two Continents and Most People Are Not Aware

Less than two decades ago, reports emerged of a remarkable geological phenomenon in Africa: the continent was splitting apart. Rifts opened up, even splitting a man’s house. This continental rift could eventually divide Africa into two landmasses.

The process occurs along the East African Rift System, where the African Plate is splitting into the Nubian Plate to the west and the Somali Plate to the east. It spans over 3,000 kilometers from the Afar Triple Junction in the north to Mozambique in the south.

The cause is the divergent movement of tectonic plates, leading to tensional forces that stretch and thin the Earth’s crust, forming rift valleys. This process has socio-economic implications, including challenges and opportunities for communities and economic development.

Continental rifting is reshaping Africa’s geological landscape, requiring understanding and preparation for its effects on communities and ecosystems.

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