Army Veteran Delivers Instant Justice To Purse Thief In Walmart


When a thief made his move on an unsuspecting New Hampshire woman finishing up some shopping at a local Walmart, little did he know he was about to face a dose of instant justice from an army veteran! Rick White, an Army drill sergeant who had just returned home from a 9-month deployment in Afghanistan, happened to be in the right place at the right time.

51-year-old Ronda Healey was simply browsing greeting cards when the thief snatched her wallet from her open purse. But before the thief could make his getaway, he was met with the swift and decisive action of Rick White. Without hesitation, White leaped into action upon hearing Healey’s screams.

Despite the age difference, White chased down the much younger suspect and pinned him to the ground until authorities arrived. His military training and instinct kicked in as he subdued the thief, identified as 24-year-old Allan White (no relation to the hero), who was later arrested and charged with theft.

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