At 63, Steve McQueen’s Son Finally Confirms What We Thought All Along

Steve McQueen, the Hollywood legend known for his cool exterior and daring personality, had a complex and eventful life.

Born in 1930 in Indiana, he had a tough childhood, marked by his mother’s struggle with alcoholism and his own dyslexia and partial deafness.

He moved around a lot, living with various family members and even spending time on a farm during the Great Depression.

At 16, he joined the Marines, where he initially struggled with discipline but eventually excelled, earning respect and even serving in the honor guard for President Truman’s yacht.

After leaving the Marines in 1950, he pursued acting, studying in New York and eventually moving to Hollywood. He gained fame for his roles in movies like “The Great Escape,” “The Magnificent Seven,” and “Bullitt,” known for its iconic car chase scene.

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