At 87 Years Old, This Is the Car Donald Sutherland Drives

Donald Sutherland: A Life of Artistry, Resilience, and Passion for Cars

Donald Sutherland, the legendary actor known for his iconic roles, continues to captivate audiences on and off the screen.

Born in 1935 in Canada, Sutherland’s childhood was marked by health challenges, including polio, hepatitis, and rheumatic fever.

Despite his parents’ wishes, he pursued acting and graduated from the University of Toronto with dual degrees in engineering and drama.

Sutherland’s acting career began in the UK, where he worked in theaters before moving to Hollywood.

His breakthrough came with the film “The Dirty Dozen” in 1967, followed by roles in “Kelly’s Heroes” and “MASH,” showcasing his versatility.

He later starred in films like “Don’t Look Now” and “1,000.” His role in “Klute” opposite Jane Fonda earned him critical acclaim.

Throughout his life, Sutherland has faced health challenges, including a near-fatal encounter with spinal meningitis during the filming of “Kelly’s Heroes.” His advocacy for children’s health stems from his own experiences with illness.

Sutherland’s personal life includes three marriages and five children, some of whom, like Kiefer Sutherland, have followed in his footsteps.

His passion for cars is well-known, with memorable stories of his automotive adventures, including owning a Ferrari 275 GTB and a Volkswagen Camper.

In recent years, Sutherland has been vocal about political and environmental issues, supporting causes he believes in. His legacy as an actor and advocate remains strong, inspiring generations to come.

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