Baby mocked for having white hair – years later, he looks perfectly happy and healthy.

Patricia Williams, like many parents, delighted in capturing precious moments of her newborn son, Redd, to share with loved ones. However, her joy turned to surprise when she stumbled upon an unexpected revelation while trying to share these photos with others.

In 2012, Patricia and her husband, Dale, welcomed their son Redd into the world. Initially, they were taken aback by Redd’s unique traits — notably, his white hair from birth. But it wasn’t until Redd was two months old that Patricia began noticing peculiarities in his eye movements, prompting Dale to investigate on Google.

Their search led them to a surprising discovery: Redd exhibited signs of albinism, a condition characterized by pale skin, white hair, and certain eye movements. To confirm this diagnosis, the couple consulted with optometrists and genetic specialists, who confirmed that Redd had Oculocutaneous Albinism Type one (OCA1), a rare condition affecting 1 in 17,000 individuals worldwide.

Initially, Patricia had dismissed Redd’s unique appearance, attributing it to familial traits. However, as Redd’s features became more pronounced, she realized it was a lifelong condition. Their second son, Rockwell, born in February 2018, shared the same condition.

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