Bus Driver Saves 28 Kids From Burning Bus – HIS BOSS MAKES HIM CRY THE NEXT MORNING

As Peter dropped off the kids at their first stop, he noticed a woman who had fainted on the road. Without hesitation, he attended to her, ensuring she was all right. Suddenly, he turned around to see the front of the bus engulfed in flames. The children inside were screaming, terrified.

Just the day before, Peter, a 65-year-old bus driver, had reluctantly agreed to retire despite his perfect record and the joy he found in his job. His boss, Mr. Clark, believed he was too old to continue.

Peter cherished the company of the children he transported to school every day, their giggles and pranks filling his days with joy. Returning home to a lonely life with no hobbies or family around, Peter knew retirement would be a difficult journey for him.

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