City Council Removes Veterans Memorial, So Voters Turn On Them

After a city council decided to remove an offensive Veterans Memorial, indignant citizens rallied together to make their voices heard. As the government grows more powerful, elected officials often forget that they are public servants of the people.

Their political agendas sometimes surface, and they begin to legislate their own interests, often against the people’s wishes. This was exactly what the city council of a small Iowa town did concerning a religious Veterans Memorial. However, the voters were about to remind them who they work for.

For the Knoxville city council, the first item of business for the week was contemplating a memorial for fallen soldiers. It received one complaint from an offended atheist due to its religious connotation. The display featured an armed soldier kneeling at a cross, symbolizing a headstone for a fallen comrade.

The council decided to vote on the supposedly controversial memorial and, catering to the vocal minority, voted 3-2 to remove the display, citing the excuse that it must come down if it possibly hurt someone’s feelings.

Just 24 hours later, the officials who voted to take down the memorial realized they had made a terrible mistake. According to Breitbart, the day after they chose to remove the Veterans Memorial, angry citizens rallied together and voted out the three council members who supported eliminating the display.

April Verwers and Carolyn Formanek were voted out of office, neither receiving more than 15% of the votes. Meanwhile, David Rooseboom chose to forego re-election, admitting he knew he would be removed anyway.

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