Cop Follows Woman’s Screams Into Bathroom Stall, This Is What Happened Next

When West Virginia police received a call about something unusual at a Kroger grocery store bathroom near Charleston, they expected a routine response. Little did they know, they were about to encounter a situation that would leave them shocked.

Employees had alerted them to a woman who had been in the restroom for an extended period with a baby, and unusual noises were coming from inside. Sergeant Philip Bass arrived first and was met with a surprising scene.

Inside the women’s bathroom, he found 39-year-old Danielle Harrison with a 14-month-old baby. Instead of caring for the child, Harrison was preoccupied with hiding drugs from the police. The baby, entrusted to her care by a family friend, was left neglected and drinking Dr Pepper from a bottle.

Sergeant Bass was appalled by the situation. Despite being in a grocery store, Harrison claimed she had nothing else to feed the hungry baby. This excuse didn’t hold up, especially considering the circumstances.

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