Dad whose body is completely covered in tattoos undergoes transformation for the sake of his young daughter

We’ve all experienced moments of regret in our lives, made decisions we wish we could undo, and uttered words we later wished we hadn’t.

However, few of us can relate to regrets as prominent and visible as those of Ethan ‘ModBoy’ Bramble, a body modification enthusiast from Australia who adorned his body with over 200 tattoos.

While expressing oneself through tattoos is common in today’s culture, and intricate, unconventional designs are popular, most people have limits on what they’re willing to permanently ink onto their bodies. For Ethan, however, those limits seemed nonexistent.

Reports suggest Ethan was only 11 years old when he embarked on his journey of body modification, starting with ear stretching. Since then, he’s undergone numerous procedures, including tongue splitting and belly button removal.

But it’s Ethan’s extensive tattoo collection that garners the most attention. Covered from head to toe, he estimates spending around $60,000 AUD (approximately $39,000 USD) to achieve his current appearance.

Despite his bold choices, Ethan now admits to some regrets.

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