Demi Moore dons jaw-dropping dress to Met Gala – made from wallpaper and took 11,000 hours to embroider

At yesterday’s 2024 Met Gala, a variety of unique and spectacular outfits graced the red carpet, but Demi Moore might have worn the most striking ensemble of all.

The 61-year-old actress made her first appearance at the event in five years, clad in a gown that was—surprisingly—crafted from wallpaper. The dress featured heart-shaped wings extending from Moore’s sides and was adorned with a pink-and-white floral pattern, which she paired with elegant diamond jewelry from Cartier.

Photographers and fans globally were captivated by Moore’s look, and she commented that the dress was “not heavy at all” and even made her “want to rumba.”

Designed by Harris Reed, the gown required an incredible 11,000 hours of silk embroidery work. Reed shared that the inspiration for the dress began with a Cartier necklace worn by Moore, saying, “It was inspired by the floral feeling it gave me. The entire piece is made from vintage archival wallpaper that we’ve repurposed, aiming to capture her blooming on the carpet. I wanted to be the vines to her thorns.”

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