Despite a Dementia Diagnosis, Tallulah Willis, Bruce Willis’ daughter, claims that her father still recognizes her: “He Lights Up.”

Tallulah Willis revealed that her father’s health has been declining over time.

Despite receiving a diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia, Bruce Willis can still recognize his daughter, according to Tallulah.

Initially identified as having aphasia in 2022, Bruce, 68, was later diagnosed with FTD, a degenerative brain disease, in February. Tallulah expressed that she had noticed signs of his condition for a long time, initially attributing it to Hollywood’s hearing loss.

As his condition worsened, Tallulah found it challenging to maintain a neutral stance toward his silence, admitting to personal insecurities regarding her relationship with both of her parents, including her mother, Demi Moore.

allulah acknowledged that she initially coped with her father’s declining health through avoidance and denial but has since sought therapy for her own issues and feels better equipped to face reality.

She expressed her commitment to being present in her father’s life, recognizing recovery as an ongoing process.

Tallulah shared her efforts to document memories with her father through photos and voicemails, cherishing every moment with him.

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