Elvis Presley’s grandson takes the stage and shows his talent. He even looks like his legendary grandfather

Dakota Striplin makes a memorable appearance on the music show “The Voice,” claiming to be the grandson of Elvis Presley, famously known as “The King of Rock and Roll.” He performs a fresh rendition of “Love Me Tender” that captivates both the audience and the judges, evoking thoughts of his rumored lineage.

As soon as Dakota begins to play his guitar and sing with his angelic voice, everyone in the room is mesmerized. Deeply moved, one judge quickly turns her chair around, placing her hand on her chest.

Another judge, unable to resist the allure of his performance, also flips their chair, saying, “I have to see what’s going on here.” By the end of the song, the judges are amazed by his exceptional singing and instrumental skills.

Curious about his song choice, the judges ask Dakota for the backstory. He explains that Elvis Presley has long been an influence on him. Sharing his family history, Dakota mentions that his grandmother loved attending Elvis’s performances. This sparks a joke about a possible family connection, leading the judges to laugh as they comment on his resemblance to Elvis.

As Dakota continues his story, he reveals intriguing details about his family tree. Despite his father’s silence on the matter, his grandmother’s strong connection to Elvis adds depth to his claim. She had seen Elvis perform in Hawaii and was deeply saddened by his passing, which fuels speculation about their relationship.

Further intrigue arises with DNA results that cast doubt on the identity of his supposed biological father, suggesting there might be more to Dakota’s story. Viewers are encouraged to look him up and draw their own conclusions.

See the whole video:

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