FedEx Arrives At Home As Elderly Man Lays On Porch After Falling, So He Did This

🚨 Heartbreaking Incident Caught on Camera: FedEx Driver’s Shocking Response to Elderly Man in Need 🚨

After falling at his home, an elderly man thought help had arrived when a FedEx driver came to deliver a package. But what unfolded next, captured on the doorbell camera, is deeply disturbing.

Maria Couches was stunned to witness the video from her father’s Freeport, Texas home. Her 89-year-old father, suffering from dementia, had fallen on the porch and lay helpless. As the FedEx driver approached, the elderly man pleaded for assistance. But shockingly, the driver placed the package several feet away and refused to help.

The elderly man’s cries for help were ignored as the driver hastily retreated to his truck. Despite the man’s polite requests, the driver callously left the scene, leaving him stranded for another agonizing 10 minutes.

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