Graduation: A Celebration for All

Picture the thrill of graduating college with Jerry Seinfeld as your commencement speaker. For most Duke graduates, it was an unforgettable moment. However, a few opted to leave during his address simply because he is a Jewish comedian. This act of protest was ironic, considering they missed a rare chance to hear from a renowned actor who critiques left-wing, politically correct attitudes.

The vast majority of students enthusiastically applauded Seinfeld. Walking out on such an occasion seemed senseless and disrespectful to many. Regardless of personal humor preferences, honoring one’s college and fellow graduates is essential. Graduation should be a celebration for all, not just a select few protesters.

In departing, the protesters not only diminished their own experience but also disrupted the ceremony for others. Was it worth it just because they didn’t appreciate the speaker? After years of dedication and effort, staying for an hour to contribute to the ceremony’s significance seemed the least they could do.

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