Happy couple shares 10th anniversary picture online, promptly gets flooded with worried calls

Thomas and Sienna had the night to themselves, celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary by reminiscing about the precious moments they had shared and looking forward to many more. As per tradition, they prepared to take a photo for the mantelpiece. But as the camera’s timer counted down, Sienna thought she heard a soft sound in the hallway behind her. Thomas reassured her it was nothing, hugging her as they smiled for another year’s memory.

Sienna posted the photo on social media, not expecting what would follow.

The next morning, she was awakened by a barrage of notifications. Amidst the happy anniversary wishes, there were comments asking about the mysterious face in the background of their photo. Inspecting the picture closely, Sienna saw the face and showed it to Thomas, who dismissed it as a shadow.

Still uneasy, Sienna recalled the sound she had heard and asked Thomas to check the house. He found nothing and tried to ease her worries, reminding her of their lunch reservations.

As they headed to their car, Sienna spotted the same eerie face in the car’s window. Terrified, she screamed but saw no one behind her.

That night, strange noises disturbed her sleep. She woke Thomas, who confirmed the sounds were coming from downstairs. He grabbed his phone and his gun, despite Sienna’s insistence that they couldn’t call 911 for a ghost. Nevertheless, he called 911.

Cautiously, they went to the kitchen and found a malnourished boy crying, his face covered in snot, clearly scared and hungry.

“How did you get here?” Thomas asked gently.

“Are you hungry?” Sienna added, smiling tenderly.

“Yes,” the boy nodded.

“What’s your name?”


Nikolai explained that he and his mother came from a bad place and asked if they could help his mommy. Just then, the police arrived, scaring Nikolai who fled before they could catch him.

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