Heartbreaking photo shows shelter pit bull “losing hope” after adoptions fall through — still looking for a home

Every shelter dog dreams of finding a forever home, but some face repeated disappointments, like Rocky, a 3-year-old pit bull.

Since October 2022, when his family was evicted and could no longer care for him, Rocky has been at Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester, enduring the heartbreak of being adopted out twice only to be returned each time, including after several two-week trial periods.

Despite these setbacks, there is still hope for Rocky to find a loving home that meets his specific needs.

According to Lindsay Brewer, a communications specialist at the shelter, Rocky would thrive as the only dog in an adults-only home.

However, finding such a home has proven challenging. After more than a year of rejections and false starts, Rocky is starting to show the emotional toll, as seen in a recent viral photo where he sits alone in his kennel, head hung low, appearing devastated after yet another day of being passed over.

Despite his struggles, Rocky’s story is a reminder that there are still compassionate individuals who are willing to give him the loving home he deserves.

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