Home Office Havoc: The Day I Stumbled Upon My Husband’s Secrets

The shift to remote work unexpectedly brought turmoil into my life when I stumbled upon a shocking discovery while innocently going about my daily chores.

My husband, Mike, had transitioned to working from home, often accompanied by his colleague, John, who had become a familiar presence in our household. Initially, I thought nothing of it.

Let me introduce myself; I’m Grace, thirty years old, and I’ve been married to Mike, also thirty, for six years. Our love story isn’t a fairytale, but it’s been blissful nonetheless. I pursued Mike relentlessly until he relented, and despite his reserved nature, I found solace in his kindness and attentiveness.

A year into our relationship, he introduced me to his family, who welcomed me warmly. His father’s pressure to marry led to an understanding that we’d take our time. When Mike proposed during a romantic lakeside dinner, it felt like a dream come true.

Six months later, we exchanged vows on a beautiful beach and soon after, welcomed twins. Juggling parenthood and careers, financial strains added to our stress, exacerbated by the pandemic.

Mike, an architect, doubled his efforts at work, often joined by John, who had become not just a colleague but a close friend. John’s frequent presence at our home, even joining us on family trips, didn’t raise any suspicions.

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