Home Rude Clerk Mocks Poorly Dressed Lady in Luxury Bridal Shop, Soon Learns She’s Marrying a Millionaire — Karma Story

Betty was shopping for a wedding dress at a luxury bridal shop. After being mistreated by an employee due to her appearance, she used her generosity to teach him a valuable lesson.

Mike, who worked at the shop, was known for his materialistic and judgmental nature. One day, Betty, an elderly woman with a simple style, walked in. The shop was quiet, with only Mike and his colleague Cassey working. Betty’s outdated clothes and unkempt hair made her stand out in the high-end store.

Betty, preparing for her upcoming summer wedding, decided to splurge on a dress. Mike, noticing her, sneered and texted on his phone. “Oh, wow! Someone must be lost on their way to bingo night. Look at that hair,” he muttered to Cassey, who was heading to the backroom. “She deserves the same treatment as any customer,” Cassey said, leaving Mike to assist Betty.

Mike, ignoring Cassey, continued texting. Betty approached him with a warm smile, asking for help. “What do you want?” Mike snapped, eyes still on his phone. Betty, undeterred, explained she needed a wedding dress. Mike, without looking up, rudely suggested she visit a thrift store. “You can tell all that from a first look?” Betty asked. Mike dismissively replied, “I’m saving us both time.”

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