Husband Constantly Mocks Unemployed Wife for Doing Nothing, Finds a Note after Ambulance Takes Her Away — Story of the Day

A man frequently disparaged his unemployed wife, but was stunned to return home one day to find she had left. In her absence, he found a note indicating her intention to divorce him. Can he salvage their marriage?

On a brisk October morning, Harry was buzzing with excitement about his upcoming gaming app presentation, a project he had devoted six months to perfecting. As he entered the dining room at eight, he was too engrossed in his phone to greet his wife, Sara, or their sons, Cody and Sonny.

“Morning, honey,” Sara greeted. “Good morning, Daddy,” the boys said together.

Ignoring their greetings, Harry grabbed a toast and hurried back to his room. “Sara, where’s my white shirt?” he called out impatiently.

“It’s in the wash with the other whites,” Sara responded.

Harry stormed back. “That’s my lucky shirt! I needed it today!”

“You have other white shirts. It’s just a shirt, Harry, focus on your presentation,” Sara replied calmly.

“A goddamn presentation? Did you just say that? You know how hard I’ve worked on this project?” Harry snapped, raising his voice.

“Harry, stop. The kids are watching. You’re scaring them,” Sara said as Harry left the house angrily.

After a successful presentation and a promotion, Harry expected an apology from Sara, which never came. Returning home with white roses, he found the apartment empty except for Sara’s note, “I want a divorce.” Confused and worried, he contacted Sara’s sister, Zara, who informed him that Sara was in the hospital.

At the hospital, Zara confronted him about his harsh words to Sara. Ignoring her, Harry rushed to see Sara, only to be met with her firm decision to divorce. “I’ve sacrificed too much for us, Harry. It’s too late for apologies,” she declared.

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