Husband-to-Be Wants Everyone at Their Wedding Ceremony to Know His Fiancée Is Not ‘Pure’

In November 2022, an anonymous poster shared her story on Reddit’s “Off My Chest” forum. She revealed that she had been in a relationship with her fiancé for six years and engaged for the past eight months. While she took the lead in most of the wedding planning, her fiancé, Ryan, occasionally offered his input.

About a month ago, in October, Ryan surprised her with an unexpected request. He mentioned that he had been discussing wedding plans with some of his coworkers and suggested that she should not wear a white dress.

The request puzzled her, but she brushed it off, thinking it might be related to Ryan’s artistic nature. She initially thought it might be about how the wedding photos would turn out or some other creative consideration.

However, she remained steadfast in her desire to wear white and conveyed this to him. Ryan seemed annoyed but ultimately let the matter drop.

What Happened After the Woman Bought a White Wedding Dress?

Two weeks before their wedding, she finally decided to purchase her wedding dress, setting off a storm of controversy with her fiancé. He was noticeably irritated and insisted on seeing the dress, but she firmly declined, wanting to maintain the element of surprise for their special day.

Pushing further, he inquired about the dress’s color, and when she disclosed it was white, his reaction was explosive. His insistence on a white wedding dress bewildered her, as it was a conventional choice for brides. Perplexed by his preference for a different color, she probed deeper, only to discover his strong feelings on the matter.

Their relationship had begun when she was 21, and Ryan had just turned 20. They had both grown and matured over the years, working through various insecurities.

In a desperate attempt to win her over to his viewpoint, Ryan sought support from his mother, but she sided with the bride. In a tense confrontation, Ryan, his mother, and the bride argued vigorously in their living room about the symbolism tied to her chosen dress. Even his mother pointed out that his standards should be the same for both of them. The confrontation reduced Ryan to tears, yet he remained steadfast in his belief that her wearing white would be misleading to their wedding guests.

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