I came home and found my humiliated wife crying behind a closed door

Why the Man Evicted His Sister and Nieces: Full Story in the Comments

A man recently shared his dilemma on the “AITA” forum on Reddit, seeking opinions on whether he was wrong to evict his sister and her twin daughters from his home.

When the man’s sister divorced, she and her 16-year-old daughters needed a place to stay. Despite the man’s wife battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, the couple graciously welcomed them into their home.

The wife, self-conscious about her hair loss from the treatments, wore a wig to feel more confident. However, the teenage nieces showed an interest in the wig, wanting to touch and style it. They were told they couldn’t use it, as the wife didn’t want to be seen without it.

One day, the man returned home to find his wife crying and locked in her room. After coaxing her to share what happened, she revealed that the nieces had taken her wig without permission and refused to return it. They laughed and filmed her when she tried to retrieve it, leaving her devastated.

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