I recently spent $6,500 on this registered Black Angus bull.

I recently invested $6,500 in acquiring a registered Black Angus bull. Excitedly, I introduced him to the herd, hoping for impressive results. However, to my dismay, he showed no interest in the cows, simply grazing on grass.

Doubts began to creep in, making me wonder if I had overspent on a bull that seemed disinterested in his primary duty. Eventually, I decided to seek professional advice and called the vet for an assessment.

Upon examination, the vet assured me that the bull was in excellent health but speculated that he might be a bit young for mating. With a chuckle, the vet prescribed some pills to be fed to him daily.

Remarkably, within just two days of starting the medication regimen, the bull’s behavior changed drastically. He began servicing all of my cows with remarkable vigor, and not stopping there, he even managed to breach the fence and mate with my neighbor’s cows!

It was as if he had transformed into a breeding machine overnight! Though I’m not entirely sure what was in those pills the vet provided, they seem to have worked wonders. Interestingly enough, they even had a hint of peppermint flavor to them! 😄

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