I recently spent $6,500 on this registered Black Angus bull.

“I recently invested $6,500 in purchasing a registered Black Angus bull. After introducing him to the herd, I noticed he simply grazed on grass and showed no interest in mating with any of the cows.

I began to question whether the hefty sum I paid for him was justified. However, I decided to seek the opinion of a veterinarian.

Upon examination, the vet assured me that the bull was in excellent health, albeit a bit young. To address any potential issues, the vet prescribed some daily medication.

Remarkably, within just two days of starting the medication regimen, the bull began mating with all of my cows, and even ventured beyond our property to breed with the neighboring herd!

He’s proven to be incredibly prolific, almost like a well-oiled machine! While I’m not entirely sure what’s in the pills the vet provided, they seem to have quite a refreshing peppermint flavor!”

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