I Yelled ‘I Don’t!’ at My Own Wedding after Conversation with Groom’s Mother Whose Plan Almost Worked Out

After a serendipitous meeting and years of courtship, Ryan and Hanna stand on the brink of matrimony. However, just as they are about to exchange vows, a shocking revelation from Ryan’s mother shatters the bliss, unveiling a web of deceit far beyond Hanna’s imagination.

Is it customary for parents to unleash bombshells right before weddings? I mean, thirty minutes before the ceremony?

Because that’s precisely what happened with Ryan’s mother.

Our story began two years ago, with a chance encounter. I was at the community theatre supporting my friend Mila, who was making her directorial debut in a local musical. After the show, amidst the crowd, Ryan inadvertently collided with me, crushing the bouquet of flowers I held for Mila.

“Sorry,” he exclaimed, picking up the flowers.

“I can’t stand crowds,” I confessed.

He chuckled, gesturing for us to step away from the door. “Me neither. I’m Ryan.”

“Hanna,” I replied, introducing myself.

Just three months into our whirlwind romance, Ryan popped the question in a cozy pub over Guinness and crispy potato skins.

Last week, we should have sealed our promise with wedding vows. But fate had other plans.

Initially, my family embraced Ryan with open arms. As their only daughter, my parents were overjoyed to see me happy.

“This is a different side of you, Hanna,” my mother remarked one evening during a family dinner.

“He makes her happy,” my father added, beaming. “What more could a father ask for?”

Ryan felt embraced and valued by my family, and our bond grew stronger.

His family reciprocated the warmth. The Coles welcomed me into their home and hearts, eager to have us over as often as possible. Mrs. Cole, Audrey, even formed a coffee date and manicure routine with me.

Everything seemed perfect—until it wasn’t.

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