“It Felt Like My Organs were being Crushed,” Said a 20-Year-Old Woman from Florida After Having a 100-Pound Ovarian Cyst Removed.

Early on, women are educated about the significance of maintaining their reproductive health. From routine screenings like mammograms to pap smears, the emphasis on monitoring health as one ages is clear. However, there are instances where reproductive health concerns arise prematurely. For young Allison Fisher, her health scare manifested as an oversized ovarian cyst.

Ovarian cysts are fairly common among women, with an estimated 20% experiencing at least one in their lifetime. While some resolve on their own or with the help of birth control, others necessitate surgical intervention for removal. Fisher’s journey began when she noticed irregularities in her menstrual cycle and started experiencing frequent and severe stomach pain.

Reluctant to Seek Assistance

At 20 years old, Fisher was hesitant to seek medical attention. Feeling discouraged, she had often found that discussions with doctors invariably circled back to her weight. “No matter the reason for my visit — whether it was a cold or an ear infection — the focus always shifted to my weight. If no one was going to take me seriously and if weight would always be the focus, what was the point of seeking help? What was the point of listening to my body?” Fisher explained. Consequently, she delayed seeking medical care, hoping to avoid another discussion about her weight.

However, when her symptoms worsened and a mass began protruding from her stomach, Fisher reached a breaking point. As the mass grew, her abdomen became rigid, leading her to fear a life-threatening condition. “It felt like I was pregnant with 10 kids. I couldn’t lie on my stomach. It felt like all my organs were being compressed,” she recounted. Thus, in 2022, just before Christmas, she finally sought medical attention.

The ovarian cyst had grown so large that it was exerting pressure on her lungs, causing breathing difficulties. “I convinced myself that if I ignored it, it would disappear,” Fisher shared with Jacksonville Local News. “I was terrified. I was just really scared.”

Specialist in Ovarian Cysts

Fortunately, Dr. Martin Martino took on her case. With extensive experience in gynecology, Dr. Martino diagnosed Fisher’s condition as an enlarged ovarian cyst. Weighing over 100 pounds and containing nearly 50 liters of fluid, the cyst necessitated surgical removal. “What was particularly interesting was that upon removal, we examined the other ovary and discovered it was twisted three times. The left ovary, approximately 10 centimeters in size, was successfully untwisted, preserving Fisher’s future fertility and the possibility of having children,” Dr. Martino explained.

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