‘It’s a Pity Your Late Dad’s Not Here,’ Says Bride’s Mom and a Familiar Man Approaches — Story of the Day

“It’s a shame your late father isn’t here with us,” Stacey sobbed into the microphone. “But I know he’s blessing his daughter wherever he is.” Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice respond, “Obviously, I would. It’s my daughter’s wedding!” Stacey turned around, frozen stiff, as she saw a familiar man approaching her.

Stacey and Tyler married young and had their daughter Mary when they were just 18. Tyler’s mother disapproved of Stacey and evicted Tyler when she discovered they had married and planned to raise their child together. Despite their struggles, Stacey and Tyler found jobs as software developers, keeping the family afloat.

However, Tyler was fired after an argument with his boss, while Stacey was promoted and asked to relocate to Texas. Tyler reacted angrily, feeling neglected. Stacey, unaware of his job loss, still planned to move and asked Tyler to care for Mary. When Stacey returned home one weekend, she found Tyler intoxicated and the house in disarray. They argued, and Stacey left with Mary for Texas.

Time passed, and Tyler realized his mistake, but Stacey had fallen in love with Mark, a widower she met at Mary’s school. Their romance ended when Mark was tragically harmed by business rivals and passed away. Stacey was devastated, but Tyler, unaware of her feelings for Mark, supported her. He planned trips and spent more time with her, helping her heal.

Tragically, Tyler was diagnosed with a terminal illness and passed away. Stacey grieved for her daughter’s sake, and they supported each other through the tough time. Mary’s engagement brought joy back into Stacey’s life, and they planned the wedding for a month later.

On Mary’s wedding day, Stacey tearfully gave her speech, wishing her daughter happiness and lamenting that her late father couldn’t be there. Just then, she heard a voice from behind: “Obviously, I would! It’s my daughter’s wedding.” She turned around and was shocked to see Mark.

“This can’t be possible! Mark?! I thought you were…”

“Well, that’s quite a story. But for now, let’s just concentrate on this happy occasion,” he whispered, then addressed the guests, “Mary has always had and will always have her father by her side! I wish the couple a happy married life…”

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