Keanu Reeves’ reaction to 9-year-old who says he’s his favorite actor is breaking hearts

It’s no secret that Keanu Reeves is an exceptional person.

For those who may not have heard, despite his incredible fame and success, Reeves remains a grounded individual who consistently demonstrates compassion and kindness.

Regularly, Reeves provides reminders of why he is considered a paragon among A-list celebrities for his selflessness and genuine care for people. Not only is he renowned for his acting in blockbuster films, but he has also ventured into comic book writing. He co-created and co-wrote “BRZRKR,” the most significant single-issue comic book sale since “Star Wars” in 2015, with Matt Kindt.

During a recent book signing, a nine-year-old fan expressed to Reeves that he was his “favorite actor.” Keanu’s response was characteristically heartfelt.

Given Reeves’s superstar status, it’s almost expected that he is frequently approached for photos or autographs.

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