Man Installed Hidden Cameras in His Bedroom after Noticing It Was Messy When He Got Home

A man returned to his night shift after installing a hidden camera in his apartment. A notification alerted him to unexpected activity in his bedroom. He was surprised by the footage and immediately called his partner.

Everything seemed normal when Reddit user Vast_Sky2172 allowed his roommate to stay with him. Both in their early 20s, they got along well. However, OP began to suspect his friend.

“I live in an apartment with my roommate. We are both attending college part-time and get along well. The lease is under my name only, and my roommate is not planning on living here after college. I work night shifts three days a week from 7 PM to 7 AM,” explained OP. In September 2021, OP, aged 22, noticed some issues with his roommate, also 22. His bed was always messy after his night shifts, prompting OP to install a camera in his bedroom to find answers.

OP’s suspicions grew when he found clothing that didn’t belong to him in his bed. Aware that his roommate’s girlfriend often stayed over, he sensed something was off. “When I come home from work, my bed is a mess, and I’ve found clothing that’s not mine in the sheets. I’m awful at confronting people, but I know it’s not my boyfriend,” he revealed.

Despite feeling uncomfortable about invading privacy, OP installed a camera and continued his routine. “I went into work and the camera app notified me of motion in the room,” recalled OP. Reviewing the footage, he was surprised and stopped watching.

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