Man Rented Home To Woman For 22 Years Without Getting Paid, Let’s See Why

Jane Serer, an elderly woman in her 70s, had a dream come true when she found the perfect rental home with a garden in Melbourne, Australia, over two decades ago. Little did she know, this simple decision would change her life in ways she never imagined.

For 22 years, Jane lived in the two-bedroom unit in St Albans, Northwest of Melbourne, paying her rent faithfully to her landlord, John Parrot. Despite her age and the challenges of working at a market in Eping, she never missed a payment, often waking up at 3:00 AM to ensure her landlord received $200 a week, just as he preferred.

John Parrot, known for his community spirit and generosity, had quietly built a fortune through his career as a pharmacist, investments in properties, and philanthropy. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he moved into a nursing home, where he decided to organize his affairs. It was during this time that Jane received an unexpected call from John and his lawyer that would forever alter her life.

“I want you to talk to my solicitor,” John said to Jane. “I’m leaving you the unit.”

Jane was stunned. She couldn’t believe it at first, pinching herself to make sure it wasn’t a dream. John’s decision meant that Jane inherited the property, rent-free, allowing her to retire comfortably in the home she cherished.

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