Man Spends 70k To Tattoo His Full Body And Eyeballs But Wait TiII You See What He Looked Like Before

Nevada’s Las Vegas native, Quest Gulliford, has spent over $70,000 on extensive tattoos and body modifications since starting his journey in 2009. He recently shared before-and-after photos of his transformation.

Quest Gulliford revealed his appearance before his dramatic tattoo makeover.

Surviving Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the seventh grade, Gulliford got his first tattoo to commemorate his struggle. The tattoos, including the words “God First” and a purple cancer ribbon, marked the beginning of an ongoing ink journey.

Image courtesy of questg/Instagram

Gulliford told the Daily Mail, “I had a big lymph node growing. It was six months of chemotherapy. I kind of felt like a superhuman after that.”

With around $70,000 worth of body modifications and tattoos, Quest Gulliford is covered from head to toe. He shares his story with over 1 million followers on TikTok.

A cancer survivor talks about her eye tattoo experience.
Three years ago, Gulliford, known as on TikTok, shared his eye tattoo experience with his followers. He now frequently answers questions about it.

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