McDonald’s Screws Up Order, Manager Attacks Unhappy Customer Let’s See Why

After a long workday, Tyler Lamb visited a McDonald’s in Dearborn, Michigan, hoping for a quick meal. However, he received an incorrect and unsatisfactory order. When he returned to address the issue, the situation escalated unexpectedly, leading to a shocking confrontation that was captured on video.

Tyler had just completed a 12-hour shift and stopped at the McDonald’s on Ford Road to grab some food. Unfortunately, the meal he received was not only cold but also incomplete, prompting him to question if it was even his order. Deciding to rectify the mistake, Tyler returned to the drive-thru and communicated the error.

The situation took a turn when the McDonald’s manager became involved. As tensions rose, Tyler began recording the incident. The footage captured a heated exchange at the drive-thru window, with the manager reacting aggressively, even attempting to snatch Tyler’s phone and using offensive language.

The drive-thru cashier tried to deescalate the situation by apologizing and advising Tyler to contact corporate the following day. Despite these efforts, the manager’s inappropriate behavior continued, ultimately leading her to physically reach out of the window in an attempt to attack Tyler.

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