My 5-year-old son started avoiding his mom – His reason greatly worried me, so I confronted my wife

Robert, 32, balances his role as a husband and father alongside his professional life. He and his wife, Candice, have been married for eight years. While Robert works full-time, Candice has been a stay-at-home mom to their five-year-old son, Samuel, fondly called “Sam.”

Recently, Robert noticed a shift in Sam’s behavior towards Candice. Sam seemed to avoid physical affection from his mother, which puzzled Robert. Concerned, he decided to talk to Sam about it while Candice was out.

“Why have you been avoiding your mom lately?” Robert asked.

“Mom has a secret she won’t share with me,” Sam replied, looking upset. He explained that he had seen Candice crying frequently and hiding a photo in a green box under the mattress.

Disturbed by this revelation, Robert sought to understand the situation better. “How often is your mom upset?” he asked.

“She’s been crying almost every day,” Sam said, worried. “She locks her room now, and when I ask, she pretends everything is fine.”

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