My Boyfriend ‘Forgets’ His Credit Card Every Time We Go Out To Eat, So I Have To Pay For Everyone

A woman found herself in a recurring situation with her boyfriend when they went out to eat, prompting her to take action after becoming increasingly frustrated. This 32-year-old woman had been dating her 39-year-old boyfriend, who had two young children, for nine months when they had a significant argument regarding his consistent behavior.

Seeking validation for her response, she turned to Reddit, where users offered their opinions on her boyfriend’s actions. The woman was particularly troubled by her behavior in front of her boyfriend’s children, as he accused her of being selfish for not considering their needs. She explained that her boyfriend’s children enjoyed dining out, leading them to go to restaurants together once a week.

However, on each occasion, her boyfriend conveniently “forgot” his payment card, leaving her to foot the bill. Initially, this didn’t bother her, but as she found herself frequently covering the expenses, she began to feel financially strained.

One evening, after just receiving payment from her second part-time job, they were dining out with his children again. Aware of his tendency to forget his wallet, she reminded him via text, only to be dismissed with laughter. Upon arrival at the restaurant, his children ordered costly items from the menu, further exacerbating the situation.

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5 thoughts on “My Boyfriend ‘Forgets’ His Credit Card Every Time We Go Out To Eat, So I Have To Pay For Everyone

  1. Of course he was using her! That goes without saying.
    She has every right to split up with him so he will not be using her anymore. What a jerk and I hope his kids saw how she was being used by their father and what a jerk he was being. Poor kids!

  2. This bloke (if this is actually real?) is just a free loader and what this woman did was the right thing for her to do. Then again she could have offered to mind the children whilst he go’s and gets his wallet so he can pay the bill. But which ever action she takes she must dump him. He will always be a leach on any money she should have.

  3. There’s an old Jewish saying:

    “Screw me once – shame on you”
    “Screw me twice – shame on me!”

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