My Husband Surprised Me with a Christmas Gift That Completely Shocked Me – So I Decided to Plan a Little Payback for Next Year

When a woman received a Christmas present from her husband that was clearly meant for himself, she devised a plan for sweet revenge. After patiently waiting, she finally had her moment of triumph over her self-centered spouse.

For years, the couple had avoided exchanging Christmas gifts due to their financial situation. The wife always prioritized buying items for their children and her in-laws.

One Christmas season, her husband surprised her with a large box about ten days before the holiday. He eagerly told her it was for her. Following the events, the woman shared her story on Reddit, finding comfort in others who had experienced similar situations.

The woman sensed something was wrong with the gift.

She didn’t share her husband’s enthusiasm. “Intuition,” she said. It made her think he had bought something nice for himself, not her.

On Christmas Eve, everyone eagerly unwrapped their gifts. Her husband urged her to open his gift, insisting she would adore it. She opened the box to find a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. She was furious.

The woman enjoyed sweeping and mopping, as her home had hardwood and linoleum flooring. She had no use for the vacuum cleaner. Her husband then revealed his true intentions — he needed the vacuum cleaner for his garage because it could pick up water.

“He mentioned that it worked wonderfully because he had already tested it before packaging it,” the woman said. She realized he had bought it for himself. She would have preferred a simple, affordable necklace over such a thoughtless gift.

That evening, she found it difficult to look her husband in the eye. She refused to go to bed with him and slept in the living room instead. When her husband discovered the cause was his gift, he harshly criticized her for her apparent selfishness. He explained that gifts should be chosen with the whole family in mind, not individual preferences. Hearing this, she stayed wide awake, meticulously plotting her revenge. It would take a whole year to bring her plan to life, but she didn’t mind the wait.

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