Amy’s tranquil day at home takes an unexpected turn when a mistaken voicemail shatters her perception of her marriage. Rather than crumbling under the weight of betrayal, she bravely faces the truth, determined to confront her husband head-on.

Mark and I had shared six wonderful years together. Our paths had crossed years earlier, both working in the same building. Mark, known as the office charmer, had a string of short-lived romances. Yet, when he decided to settle down, he chose me. And for six years, we basked in what felt like an eternal honeymoon phase.

Or so I believed.

Last weekend, Mark mentioned needing to go into the office.

“Just need to tackle some paperwork, Amy,” he assured me. “I might bring it home and work here.”

“Sounds good,” I replied, offering a supportive nod. “Nobody wants to spend Saturday in the office.”

He kissed my forehead, promised to bring back Indian takeout, and dashed out the door.

Hours passed, and I assumed Mark was engrossed in his work, planning to return home once finished. I didn’t mind; I welcomed the chance to unwind with a book and cup of tea. Saturdays were reserved for self-care, a lesson I’d recently embraced.

Midway through a chapter, my phone buzzed, interrupting the tranquility. Tom’s name flashed on the screen, Mark’s best friend and practically family. His voicemail instantly grabbed my attention.

“Hey,” Tom’s cheerful voice chimed in. “I’ll be a bit late for our double date. See you at 2 PM, right? Coachella?”

Tom’s words echoed in the quiet room, confusion clouding my thoughts.

What double date? I pondered.

Mark hadn’t mentioned any such plans to me. He simply said he needed to work, promising we’d still spend the day together.

I replayed the message, hoping for a misunderstanding. But Tom’s voice rang clear, discussing a double date.

Setting aside my tea and book, I hastily dressed. It was nearly 2 PM, and I refused to believe Mark was deceiving me.

But why would Tom mention a double date if it weren’t true? I wondered.

Driven by the need for answers, I hurried out the door, determined to see the truth for myself.

Coachella, it turned out, was an outdoor restaurant adorned with festival-inspired decor and lively music. I blended into the surroundings, finding a discreet spot with a clear view of the entrance.

The wait was agonizing, my nerves escalating with each passing moment. I ordered a cocktail to calm my jittery thoughts.

Then, Mark appeared—not alone, as I desperately hoped, but accompanied by a woman draped over his arm. She exuded elegance in designer attire, the epitome of sophistication.

My heart sank.

Observing from afar, I watched as Mark and his companion joined Tom and his wife, Sasha, at a table nearly obscured by foliage. They exchanged hugs and laughter, the voicemail clearly intended for Mark alone.

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