My mom arrived in a frilly white bridal dress to my brother’s wedding to draw all the attention

A wedding is a significant event that marks an important milestone in two people’s lives, so this day should be all about the bride and the groom.

A man shared a story of what happened at his brother’s wedding and asked Redditors for their opinion on whether he was in the wrong. He explained that his older brother and his sister-in-law dated for seven years before deciding to tie the knot. He was extremely happy for them because, as he stated, the two were incredible people he respected the most.

His mother, however, wasn’t as excited about the wedding for no particular reason. Days before the big day, she threw a tantrum over something insignificant, and the newlyweds didn’t even expect her to attend the ceremony after that.

However, not only did the groom’s mother attend the wedding, but she also wore a ridiculously frilly white bridal dress. No one knew she was planning to wear a wedding gown to her son’s wedding, although everyone somehow suspected she would do something to be the center of attention and steal the spotlight.

The bride only noticed her mother-in-law’s wedding dress as she walked down the aisle and spotted her sitting in the first row. However, not wanting to make a scene, she decided to simply go on with the ceremony as though nothing had happened.

“Her dress was much more of a bridal dress than the bride’s that day,” the OP wrote about his mom’s dress.

As the wedding reception was about to take place, OP decided to teach his mother a lesson for messing with his brother and sister-in-law’s big day.

“We were served glasses of red wine at lunch, and I asked for mine to be filled to the brim,” he wrote in his Reddit post. And, as you probably assume, he didn’t drink it, but “accidentally” spilled it on his mom’s dress after tripping.

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