My Mother-In-Law Doesn’t Want to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner I Cook, Plans to Bring Her Own Meals

A woman took on the responsibility of hosting Thanksgiving at her house, investing considerable effort throughout the month to craft a diverse and delicious menu. She meticulously acquired ingredients and planned an array of dishes, eager to share her culinary creations with family and friends.

However, her excitement was dampened when her husband unexpectedly revealed that his mother intended to bring her own dinner. The woman expressed her dismay and questioned the necessity, as she had already prepared an ample spread at home.

Her husband justified his mother’s decision by labeling her as a “grade A picky eater” who might not enjoy the woman’s cooking. Despite the woman’s objections, he saw his mother bringing her own dinner as a compromise.

Feeling disrespected and humiliated, the woman communicated her frustration to her husband, suggesting that if his mother couldn’t appreciate her efforts, she was welcome to stay home. Despite being accused of ruining the holiday, the woman stood firm in her belief that Thanksgiving should be celebrated with appreciative and supportive company.

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