My Sister Demands I Be Her Surrogate Despite Knowing It Would Endanger My Life

A woman has endured a lifetime of being treated as an outcast by her family. However, to her dismay, they suddenly reached out for her assistance, expecting her to even endanger her own life in the process.

In a Reddit post, a 31-year-old woman revealed the mistreatment she faced since birth within her family. She recounted her older sister, Mary, 33, always being the favored child, referred to by their parents as “the golden apple baby.” The Original Poster (OP) shared her own experience of being labeled as an “accident,” born prematurely with a heart condition, and enduring numerous surgeries during her upbringing. Despite her grandparents’ financial support, her parents continuously emphasized the burden she placed on their finances.

The relationship with her sister was marked by relentless bullying and animosity, prompting OP to distance herself after high school. She found solace away from her family, especially after meeting her supportive husband, Greg.

Even during their wedding, which her parents refused to fund, her grandparents stepped in. Disillusioned with her family’s behavior, OP rarely interacted with them, except for her grandparents.

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