My Son Heard His Mom Screaming & Strangers’ Voices, Urging Me Home — What I Discovered Was beyond Belief

When my son called in a panic, saying his mom was screaming and strange voices were laughing in our house, I feared the worst and raced home. Nothing could have prepared me for what I found in my bedroom.

My day started normally. I was at my desk when my phone buzzed. It was Luke, my eight-year-old, who had tried calling me ten times. Kids hate talking on the phone, so I was already worried.

“Daddy, please come home! Mom is screaming!” he cried.

“Slow down, buddy. What’s happening?”

“I just came home, and I hear mom screaming in her room!”

“Why didn’t you go in?” I asked.

“I’m too scared. There are other voices in there!”

“Stay in your room, lock the door. I’ll call your mom,” I said, trying to stay calm, and hung up.

I called my wife Nikkie, but it went straight to voicemail. That wasn’t like her. Panicking, I called 911, told them about the intruders, and rushed home, still trying to reach Nikkie. When I arrived, the cops weren’t there yet. I couldn’t wait.

I kicked the door open and heard a piercing scream. Then I saw her: not my wife, but her sister, Diana, having a “gathering” with two guys in our bed. Right then, Nikkie came in with the cops. Her face when she saw her sister was priceless.

“Diana?! What the heck?!” Nikkie blurted.

Diana shrugged, covering herself with our sheets. “I thought no one would be home. Just having a bit of fun.”

Apparently, Diana had been using our house for her get-togethers, thanks to a spare key Nikkie had given her. Luke had come home early from school, feeling sick, and caught them.

The cops talked to everyone involved. I was mortified, apologizing for the misunderstanding. It took two hours before they left. I went to Luke’s room and saw him wrapped around Nikkie.

“Mom wasn’t in danger?” he asked.

“No, my boy. It was just your Aunt Diana being… funny. But don’t worry, we won’t be seeing her again,” I reassured him. Nikkie and I agreed to go no-contact with her sister, but I did warn Diana’s husband about what she was doing.

Have you ever cut ties with a family member after something like this?

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